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    Hurt at Work and Need Real Help? Talk to Our Workers’ Rights Lawyers.

    You should be resting and recovering after an injury on the job, not having to worry about money all the time.

    Workers’ compensation benefits help you hold on to the life you worked hard for when you can’t work after an accident.

    But getting full access to the support you’ve earned isn’t easy. The program is a tangle of rules, steps and setbacks. A Georgia workers’ comp attorney from Silver & Archibald can help you:

    • File correctly for workers’ comp benefits
    • Maximize the benefits you receive
    • Appeal a denial of workers’ comp
    • Get benefits restarted if you were cut off
    • Reach a final settlement of your workers’ comp claim

    Every state has its own workers’ comp laws. Our workers’ comp lawyers make sure employers and workers’ comp insurance companies do what they are supposed to do under the law in Georgia.

    We help people anywhere in Georgia—Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Savannah, Athens, Columbus, and every Georgia community.

    The Silver & Archibald lawyers have 80 years of combined legal experience and have helped thousands of Georgia workers.

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    Sitting on a set of unfinished stairs in a construction site, a worker in a hardhat closes his eyes, makes a pained expression and touches his forehead. Get help immediately if you’re hurt at work.

    What To Do First When You’re Hurt at Work?

    The main task of your workers’ comp claim is proving that your injury happened at work or resulted from work.

    When an injury happens, always take care of your immediate well-being first, then take the right steps to build your claim for benefits.

    Do the following to protect your health and access to financial help after you’re hurt at work:

    1. Get any emergency medical treatment you need. Don’t worry about benefits applications when you need help now. If it’s an emergency, workers’ comp should cover emergency services regardless of where you go for care.
    2. Report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. Reporting your injury starts your workers’ comp claim. You need to report it within 30 days. It’s best to put it in writing and get a written copy of the report your employer files in response.
    3. Get ongoing medical treatment. After you received any necessary emergency treatment, get follow-up care and make sure the doctor you see knows you had a work injury and can work with workers’ comp.
    4. Talk to a workers’ comp law firm. Although your employer is supposed to make an official report of your injury, and their workers’ comp insurance company is supposed to get your benefits started quickly, you cannot always trust they’ll do their parts. Your workers’ comp attorney puts your needs first and keeps your claim on track.

    You also need to make sure your claim is registered with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

    And if you get denied or shortchanged on benefits, you need to pursue a legal process of appeal. This can include attending a hearing with a workers’ comp administrative law judge.

    When you’re up against this process, get our experienced workers’ comp attorneys to help you move forward to better times.

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      ⓘ Disclaimer* Response Required