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    Social Security Disability: Top Tips for Applying

    You worked for years. You had a stable family life. A major medical setback threatens everything.

    Social Security Disability benefits can put you back on steady ground.

    When you’re looking at applying for disability, here are two things you should know:

    • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is not a handout. You paid into the system. Don’t hesitate to claim the benefits you earned, like you would for any other insurance policy.
    • The disability application process is a beast. Most people get denied. But experienced disability lawyers who deal with this every day can make the process easier for you. And you don’t pay a lawyer when you apply, only when you win.

    At Silver & Archibald, helping people apply for disability is what we do.

    We’re the most successful disability law firm in Georgia, winning more benefits than any other firm in the state in recent years, as ranked by Social Security itself.

    If it’s time to claim your disability benefits, get in touch with us from anywhere in Georgia—Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Savannah, Athens, Columbus, and everywhere in between. In fact, we help people all over the South when they need to apply for Social Security Disability.

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    As she sits on her couch, a woman touches a blood sugar meter to her finger. Disability lawyers help with the benefits application process.

    How a Disability Lawyer Helps in the Benefits Application Process

    You probably haven’t dealt with this giant government program, and its thousands of rules, before.

    Disability lawyers work with it every day—so you don’t have to figure this out from scratch.

    Here’s how your disability attorney helps as you apply for benefits:

    • Makes sure you’ve got correct and complete information
    • Helps gather medical records and other important evidence
    • Keeps you on track with Social Security deadlines
    • Answers your questions, provides advice, and keeps you informed about your claim
    • Stays on top of Social Security so your application doesn’t get ignored
    • Represents you if you’re denied and the process becomes much more legalistic—including making your case in a hearing with a disability judge

    It feels hopeless when your life falls apart because of serious medical issues and lost income.

    Social Security Disability offers hope for a more peaceful future. Give your disability benefits application the best possible chance by getting a lawyer with a record of success.

    Answers to Common Questions About Social Security Disability

    Social Security Disability is a huge program with a vast set of rules. As a resource for you as you sort out your disability claim, the disability lawyers at Silver & Archibald have prepared answers to some of the most common questions people have.

    Common Disability Benefits Questions »

    “Met with (my lawyer) and he explained everything to me, gave me honest answers. Went to court and the judge approved me on the spot. . . . His team is very nice and helpful. . . . Thank you everyone at Silver & Archibald! Irecommend them to anyone.

    — Christina Starling in Google Reviews


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