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    Get What You’re Owed with our LTD Lawyers

    You were supposed to have economic protection in the event that health problems interrupted your career and ability to support yourself.

    When you unexpectedly can’t work, long-term disability (LTD) insurance helps you hold onto the lifestyle you’ve known. You paid for these emergency benefits, or your employer did.

    But when the time came that you needed it, they denied you. Or you received benefits but the insurance company moved to terminate them prematurely.

    You don’t have to accept this. You can push back and get the financial relief they owe you. Work with a professional who understands the long-term disability insurance industry and laws.

    Silver & Archibald is a team of long-term disability lawyers with 80 years of combined legal experience and a track record of helping thousands of people.

    Our offices are in Northeast Georgia. We help people all over Georgia. Call us in Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Savannah, Athens, Columbus—any Georgia community.

    Long-term disability insurance companies will have their lawyers. Get your own team to prioritize your needs.

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    Out on a walk, a woman pushes a man in wheelchair as they talk and smile. You can appeal a long-term disability denial with help from LTD lawyers.

    Appealing Your Long-Term Disability Denial with Help from LTD Lawyers

    Just some of the reasons your long-term disability insurance company might say they denied you: Your medical conditions don’t warrant a claim. You didn’t pursue the right medical treatment. The company says they don’t cover your particular injury or illness.

    If your insurer terminated your benefits after previously paying them, it could be because they think your medical condition has improved. Or their standard for continuing benefits increased from “own job” to “any job” after a period of time.

    A long-term disability lawyer who’s seen many times how insurance companies behave can counter whatever they throw at you.

    This is what the Silver & Archibald LTD lawyers do for your case:

    • Analyze your policy
    • Find language that requires the insurer to honor your claim
    • Collect the medical evidence you need to strengthen your claim
    • Build your appeal of their denial or termination
    • Take your case to court if that’s what it takes

    You can’t be expected to know all the laws and complexities of long-term disability insurance.

    Get someone skilled to look out for your interests.

    Talk to the long-term disability attorneys at Silver & Archibald to fight a denial or termination of benefits and fortify your financial future.

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    Social Security Disability is a huge program with a vast set of rules. As a resource for you as you sort out your disability claim, the disability lawyers at Silver & Archibald have prepared answers to some of the most common questions people have.

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    “I am so incredibly impressed with, and thankful for, the team at Silver & Archibald. . . .The attorneys who represented us at the hearings were both amazing and extremely knowledgeable. . . . If you need an attorney for a disability-related matter, this group truly is amazing.

    — Amber Nichole in Google Reviews


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